We have been a full-service shop for the railroad industry, re-building EMD 32V starter motors, fuel pumps/motors, soakback pumps/motors, and aux gen drives and new starters. While the railroad industry is our specialty, we provide services for semi-trucks and other transportation vehicles as well. We also have over 100 years of combined experience among our highly-skilled team. We are the major supplier of 32V starters, air starters, and fuel pumps to the Union Pacific Railroad.


Installed test starter motors on locomotives in a Class I major hump yard. These locomotives are equipped with AESS/SmartStart. After one year the starters were removed, examined and were found to be in excellent condition.

AAR M-1003 Certification is complete thanks to Ed Tetley, retired UPRR Quality Manager. New QA Manual has been written to AAR M-1003 specifications. All re-manufacturing is done to approved procedures. Internal in process quality audits are conducted weekly to ensure the highest quality product as well as external supplier audits. Have already identified several supplier non-conformances during incoming inspections. Incoming audits of vendor material are conducted 100% by each builder. Final inspections are conducted on a set schedule.


new 1Significant changes that have been made to EMD 32V starter motors at Capitol Starter Service over the past few years:

1) Replaced 12 brush holder with 6 brush holder. Allows more even current distribution and simplifies build process.

2) Using the best brush on the market with less carbon content. Does not affect power and reduces probability of carbon trail arcing and shorts.

3) Modification to eliminate brush dust from housing. Reduces probability of carbon trail arcing and shorts.

4) Modification to drive end bushing; bronze bushing with shoulder, added lubrication, extra oil wick, and protective cover over end of bushing. Have also improved method of fitting nose piece bushing to armature shaft, reducing/eliminating drag.

5) Adjust drive pinion gear travel to allow deeper penetration into ring gear and a more direct engagement/abutment. Allows lower tooth load on pinion gear and ring gear.



We stay up-to-date on the modern railroad industry so that we can provide robust solutions. We consistently train our staff so that we can retain the highest skilled people in the industry.

We are also extremely fast and efficient. We have refined our operational processes so that we can provide our clients with the fastest service in the industry. We typically have a 1-business day turnaround on any orders.


We pride ourselves on being woman-owned and having a family atmosphere. There is nothing more important to us than the way we treat our employees and our clients. We believe in treating the people we work with as if they were our own family.